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Employers - Prepare to Attend!

Recruiting Day


Friday, March 17, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Company/Organization registration fee: $TBD



Who Should Attend

Designers, creative directors, principals, human resource professionals, and talent acquisition staff/recruiters who would like to interview RISD students for open positions are welcome to attend.


We encourage companies to have 1 or 2 staff in attendance and to consider sending RISD alumni to conduct student interviews when possible.


Alumni can be strong advocates for your company and can heighten student interest in working with you. Their ability to quickly translate the RISD studio experience and understand the portfolios they'll be reviewing is also an advantage.



How to Make the Most of the Recruiting Day

The Recruiting Day is offered to companies and organizations that have specific upcoming hiring needs and only want to interview students who they deem are a good possible match for these opportunities.


Interviews may be conducted starting at 9:00 am and concluding by 5:00 pm.


To make this event most productive for you, companies should preview applicants in advance and invite the pre-selected group of applicants for interviews on Recruiting Day.



How to Pre-Select Applicants:


Post your open position/s to ArtWorks

ArtWorks is the job and internship board managed by the RISD Career Center. We encourage you to list your open position/s here so that students will be aware of them and apply.


  1. Post your open opportunities in ArtWorks by TBD.

  2. Indicate the deadline to apply for the position/s is TBD.

  3. Review your applicants during the month of February and decide who you want to interview.

  4. Notify your pre-selected applicants by TBD and schedule an appointment for them to meet with you on Recruiting Day.

  5. The Career Center will regularly update students about companies that are participating on Recruiting Day and encourage them to apply for your consideration.

  6. The Career Center staff is also happy to answer any questions you have about posting to ArtWorks and how to manage your applicants.

Attend the Design Portfolio Review and Invite Selected Students for Interviews

Some companies attend the Design Portfolio Review and meet with as many students as possible and use this method for pre-screening applicants they want to follow-up with on Recruiting Day.


Based on the portfolio review, companies will invite students to interview the next day and sign them up on the spot for interview appointments, or contact them later in the day via email or phone to schedule interviews.


If you choose this option, the Career Center still encourages you to post your open internships or jobs in ArtWorks as this will attract student interest signing up for portfolio reviews with you.


Preview Student Work at RISD Portfolios and Reach Out Directly

RISD Portfolios is a searchable online gallery of student, alumni, faculty and staff work. You can filter searches by RISD major and creative field.  You can search RISD Portfolios and reach out directly to students that have portfolios that are a good match for your hiring needs and invite them to interview with you at the Recruiting Day.



What to Bring
  • Business cards to leave with students if you’d like to share your contact information.

  • A fully charged laptop, iPad or tablet. There are limited electrical outlets at the Convention Center and it may not be possible to easily charge your device.

  • Collateral materials: brochures, post cards, etc. to offer to students.


Click here to learn more about Packing + Shipping



What to Expect at the Event


  • Reviewers are welcome to arrive any time after 8:30 am

  • Coffee, tea and muffins and fruit will be provided as well as lunch at 12 noon.

  • Interviews may be held any time between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.

  • When you arrive, stop at the Employer Check-in table and a staff member will direct you to your interview space.

  • Interviews will be held in semi-private spaces that include a 6 foot table and four chairs.  A sign with your company name will be used to designate your space.

  • RISD Career Center staff will be on hand to support the event throughout the day.

  • Students who arrive for interviews will check in with staff and a staff member will notify you that your appointment has arrived.

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