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What is Design Portfolio Review Remote?


Design Portfolio Review Remote enables students to gain insights on their portfolio and presentation skills from professional designers and hiring managers. 

Who can attend? 

Open to enrolled Juniors, Seniors and Graduate RISD Students. 

First year undergraduate students and Sophomores are not eligible. 

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you have class at the time of scheduled portfolio reviews, you MUST get permission from your faculty for an excused absence prior to attending.

How do I participate? 

Each participating company publishes an OCI (On Campus Interview / Portfolio Review) in the ArtWorks system. Students are encouraged to apply to all of the OCIs for the companies they are interested in. There is no longer a limit on the number of OCIs you can apply to. More applications = more chances for portfolio review meetings. Applications require an up to date resume/cv and a portfolio sample and/or portfolio URL / demo reel URL. 

  • OCI Applications OPEN: Tuesday, 3/5/2024 at 12:00pm

  • OCI Applications CLOSE: Wednesday, 3/6/2024 at 11:45pm

There is no advantage to applying early. Portfolio reviews are assigned at random by a new lottery system geared towards distributing portfolio reviews more evenly among students. 


Remember that if you don't get on a company schedule, you can still follow up for possible future meetings after the event. Learn more: HOW TO APPLY

What if I need to cancel or missed a review?

Every effort should be made to keep your review appointments out of respect for the
reviewer’s time and your fellow students. In the event of an unavoidable hardship, such
as illness or emergency, notify as soon as possible.

To follow up a missed appointment, it is customary to send a brief message of apology to the
reviewer with the hope of future correspondence. To learn more about this process,
visit the Career Center during drop-in hours or book an appointment to meet with a career advisor.

What do I share with reviewers? 
  • Your complete digital portfolio or hard copy via video conference camera

  • PDF resume (submit with OCI application)

  • PDF portfolio sample (optional - submit with OCI application)

How should I dress? 

Dress intentionally, express yourself and show you care. Professionalism in your appearance is a compliment to the quality of your work.

What should I say to reviewers? 
  • Know Your Audience: Students are expected to research the companies or organizations they will be meeting with. Review their websites prior to your portfolio reviews; make notes as you go and develop questions you would like to ask them.

  • Introduce Yourself: Begin by thanking the professional for meeting with you, tell them your name, year in school and major. Explain why you are interested in their company and that you appreciate their feedback and insights on what's expected in a portfolio from applicants.

  • Present Your Portfolio or Demo Reel*: Share your screen with the reviewer and ask how they would like to look at your work - do they prefer to get a quick overview and then ask  about your projects, or would they prefer you tell them about each piece as you share your work? If the reviewer already has your portfolio loaded on their screen, they may begin by asking you questions about your projects and take the lead on navigating your portfolio.
    (* - Share your computer audio when screen sharing if your reel has a soundtrack.)


  • Show Respect & Say Thank You: Respect and gratitude goes a long way and makes an excellent professional impression. Also, follow up with a thank you note to the reviewers who made an impact on you – written is ideal, email works, too!

I didn't get on the schedule for my favorite company. Now what? 

If you applied to the company's OCI, and we hope you did, the company will receive your resume after the event and will know you are interested. You can find the reviewer in ArtWorks and/or on LinkedIn after the Portfolio Review and send them a message to express your interest, to request a follow up meeting and to keep in touch.

Learn all of the details on the HOW TO APPLY page. 

Is there remote meeting etiquette​?

Before meeting with reviewers

  • Make sure your laptop is charged if needed.

  • Test your camera/video, Wi-Fi, and screen sharing ahead of time to be sure everything is working properly. Consider using an ethernet cable between your computer and router for an unstable Wi-Fi connection.

  • Keep background distractions to a minimum, remember that others will be able to see your space when your camera is on. Also try to eliminate unnecessary noise that may be nearby.

  • Good lighting will improve the video quality so you can be seen easily. Overhead lighting or an extra nearby lamp may be helpful. Make sure the light is in front of you, not behind you. Being backlit will make it difficult to see your face.

  • If you choose to use a Zoom background it may distort your appearance. Test the background in advance to be sure your image isn't pixelated.

  • Be sure that your Zoom profile name is professional. Use your full name for your profile.

  • Dress appropriately, refrain from wearing a sweatshirt or tee shirt. Business  casual attire makes a positive impression. You should treat your Zoom meeting like any other professional meeting.

During Design Portfolio Review Remote

  • Join the meeting with your audio on. Using headphones with a microphone may improve sound for you and the reviewer.

  • Turn your video on to indicate your interest and attention.

  • Turn off all notifications and make sure your cell phone is silenced.

  • Be sure you can be seen on camera, you should be seated so others can see your torso, face and the top of your head.

  • Be present while reviewers and/or others are speaking. Your posture, body language and non-verbal cues will let them know you are respectful, attentive and engaged.

  • Eye contact is important and engages the other person. Practice looking into your webcam as you talk, rather than looking at the video of yourself in the corner of your screen. 



What if I need immediate HELP during Design Portfolio Review Remote?​

The Career Center will be on call to assist with any last minute questions or problems throughout the duration of the event. We're happy to help, whether you have a technical question regarding ArtWorks, have second thoughts about an important upcoming meeting, or are unsure about something a reviewer told you. Use our contact info below for help. 

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