Networking & LinkedIn

The Networking Reception, Design Portfolio Review and Interview Day provide great opportunities to network with professionals. Collect business cards and consider staying in contact with those you met with.


If you were unable to meet with reviewers in person or did not get a business card or email address from those you met with, you should be able to find them on LinkedIn. You can refer to a list of names with job titles which will be published to the Participating Companies page shortly after event. 

Thank You Correspondence

Ideally, a thank you note via email or handwritten note should be sent within a day or two after meeting someone. This will help you to build rapport and develop lasting professional connections. These connections can support your search and application for internships and jobs. Thoughtful, well-crafted correspondence can demonstrate your genuine interest and sincere appreciation of others. 

Your message should include:

  • A thank you for meeting and talking with you.

  • A reminder of how you met.

  • A comment about a particularly meaningful point that came up in your conversation, information they shared with you, and/or tips or advice they provided.

  • Close your message by letting them know you look forward to staying in touch. You should include a link to your online portfolio and/or attach your resume to the message.

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