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What is Design Portfolio Review Remote?

Design Portfolio Review Remote enables employers to meet talented RISD students and share their professional expertise over video conference. The event is open to juniors, seniors and graduate level students who will come prepared to present their portfolio and to receive your feedback and insights.

Students apply to a lottery for a chance to appear on your schedule. You'll receive your schedule in advance including student resumes and links to their portfolios. After the event, you may receive an additional resume packet including any students that weren't able to make it onto your schedule.

What is the schedule? 

For your convenience, the Design Portfolio Review Remote

will be hosted during normal business hours, eastern time. 

Wednesday, March 13th, 2024

11:45am - 11:55am ET

Welcome Webinar ​presented by the RISD Career Center Team.

12:00pm noon - 5:00pm ET

Portfolio review remote meetings run in 15 minute increments with two breaks at 1:30pm and 3:15pm. Up to 18 student meetings per schedule. 

Each reviewer is welcome to customize their schedule. Schedule packets containing student resumes and portfolios will be provided 48 hours in advance. 

Who should attend?

Designers, creative directors, principals, human resource professionals, and talent acquisition staff/recruiters who can provide comments and feedback on students' portfolios are welcome to attend. We encourage companies to have multiple staff in attendance to meet with as many students as possible.


If you have RISD alumni on staff, we hope they will attend! Alumni can be excellent advocates for your company and can offer unique insights to students on how they can translate RISD studio work into a strong portfolio in application for your opportunities.

How do I meet with students?

The RISD Career Center now provides the remote meeting platform, featuring a realtime dashboard view of upcoming student meetings, a timer to keep meetings on track, screen sharing, and more. (You no longer need to 'bring your own' meeting link.) 

Reviewers will access their schedule with one, unique web link (Google Chrome preferred)​. No special app required. No login required. Just click to join. 

How much does it cost?

$75 flat fee with unlimited representatives and schedules. More schedules = more opportunities to meet RISD students. 



What if I have a problem during the event?​

The Career Center will be on call during the event 12 to 5pm ET.
Contact or call 401-454-6622 for prompt assistance. 

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