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2017 Canceled Companies

Managing Last-Minute Company Cancellations

In the event that a registered company for the Design Portfolio Review needs to cancel, please note the following:

  1. The Participating Companies 2017 page will display “[CANCELED]” next to the name of a canceled company.

  2. If a student signed up for a time slot or used the resume drop for the canceled company, the Career Center will deliver student resumes to the company for consideration.

  3. The Career Center will urge the canceled company to reach out to students using the contact information provided on the student's resume.

  4. On the day of the Design Portfolio Review, there will be a white board with up to date company cancellations noted at the Student Registration Check-in area.

  5. If you have an open review time slot due to a company cancellation or otherwise,

    • See printed lists of companies that still have open review timeslots and sign-up for a portfolio review with them. These lists will be available at the Student Check-in table outside the ballroom the day of the Design Portfolio Review. 

    • Use the student Waiting Area located in the lobby outside the ballroom and companies with openings in their schedules will also look for available students for last-minute portfolio review.  

  6. After the Design Portfolio Review event, the names of company representatives will be published on the 2017 Participating Companies page. Students may find and connect to them on LinkedIn. 

Contact RISD Careers with any further questions. ​


The following companies have canceled: 

adidas [CANCELED]
Andreessen Horowitz [CANCELED]
Brand New School [CANCELED]
Collins [CANCELED]

Continuum Innovation [CANCELED]


eero  [CANCELED]

IPG Mediabrands [CANCELED]


Microsoft Medical Devices Group [CANCELED]


Movado Group [CANCELED]


MullenLowe [CANCELED]

Pacific Sunwear [CANCELED]


Refinery29 [CANCELED]
Spyce Food Co.  [CANCELED]
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