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Related Events for Students

Related Events for Students

The Life of Illustrators

Wednesday, March 15th / ISB Gallery, 1st floor, 55 Canal Walk / 11:00am

Learn about the various professional markets that employ the unique skills and talents of RISD illustrators! Attend this panel conversation to gain insights about career paths by hearing from professionals working in areas ranging from creative advertising, live-action and animated media, and an artist agent working to connect illustrators with opportunities in publishing, textiles/apparel, stationary design, and more. See a range of ways your illustration skills can be applied professionally and even have the chance to ask your own questions of the panelists!

Panelists will include: 

Veronica Ni '16 / IL, Blackmath
Shannon Crawford '15 / IL, Sockeye Media
Jennifer Nelson, Jennifer Nelson Artists

RISD IDSA & Yelp present:

Future Shock

Wednesday, March 15th / ID Building, 6th floor, 161 South Main / 11:30am

Panelists will speak about adapting to ever-changing trends, prediction of innovation to come, and how they design for the future.

Panelists will include: 

Bill Watt / Adidas

Rachel Reding, FD ‘04, Application Specialist / Herman Miller

Kyle DeHovitz, ID ‘13, Product Designer, Maps / Uber 

Alison Uyehara, University Relations Specialist / Yelp

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