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Design Portfolio Review FAQ

What is the Portfolio Review? 
What can I expect at the event? 
What is the schedule for the day? 
Who should attend? 
How do I register? 
How much does it cost? 
What do I bring? 
What if I have openings in my schedule that I want to fill? 
What if a student wants to meet me but can't find a time in my schedule? 
What is the Portfolio Review?

The Portfolio Review offers employers the chance to meet with junior, senior and graduate
level students to critique their portfolios in-process or near completion and source potential
candidates for future recruitment. 


What can I expect at the event? 

The Portfolio Review is an exciting event that brings together over 450+ students to share their
work with 120+ companies and organizations in a streamlined experience managed by the RISD
Careers team and RISD volunteers.
Portfolio reviews will begin promptly at 12 noon and conclude by 5:00 pm. Each review will last
for 15 minutes.
Students will arrive at your booth at the time they are scheduled to meet with you and will be
ready to present their portfolio for your feedback and consideration.
When you arrive at the Portfolio Review a printed schedule of your student review
appointments will be at your table. This schedule will also be sent to you in advance for your
reference. We are unable to provide printed copies of student resumes, but these will also be
emailed to you in advance.

What is the schedule for the day? 

10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Check-In and Doors Open to Ballroom.

Coffee, tea, snacks and lunch will be provided throughout the day
Staff will escort you to your booth and provide any last minute
updates and instructions

12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Portfolio reviews begin promptly at 12noon.

We have scheduled two 15-minute breaks at 1:30 pm and 3:15
pm for your convenience.
If you plan to arrive after 12pm, or leave before 5pm, please
update us with your schedule by emailing:


5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Employers are invited to join us for the Networking Reception
with Hors d'oeuvers and drinks to celebrate the day! Meet Faculty
and Department Heads to learn more about their departments at

Who should attend?

Designers, creative directors, principals, human resource professionals, and talent acquisition staff/recruiters are welcome to attend.

We encourage companies to have 1-3 staff in attendance to meet with as many students as possible and to offer multiple points of view on the student’s portfolio and their questions about your hiring process.

If you have RISD alumni that work with you, we hope they will attend! Alumni can be excellent advocates for your company and can offer unique insights to students on how they can translate RISD studio work into a strong portfolio in application for your opportunities.

How do I register?

Online registration requires a credit card payment. Go to the Employer Registration page for full information. 

IMPORTANT: Space is limited. Register ASAP!

How much does it cost?

$100 before January 1st

$150 after January 1st

What do I bring? 

  • Fully charged electronic devices!
    NOTE: Electrical power is not available at your table and wifi is limited.

  • Business cards to share with students.

  • Collateral materials: brochures, post cards, etc. to offer to students.

  • Optional: Pull-up banners or signage that can be placed behind your table. Aisles must be kept clear so any banners will need to be placed behind your table.

Learn more about Packing + Shipping.

What if I have openings in my schedule that I want to fill?

RISD Careers team will provide last-minute sign-ups for open spots in your schedule. If you would prefer to opt-out of this service, please let us know in the registration or via

What if a student wants to meet me but can't find a time in my schedule? 

Students unable to meet with you due to scheduling conflicts are encouraged to use the online
Resume Drop service provided by RISD Careers. You will receive resumes from all students
who were unable to meet with you via email.

You are also welcome to take advantage of Interview Day, to meet with additional students
who could not find time on your schedule to meet at the Portfolio Review.

Interview Day that takes place the day after the Portfolio Review at the RI Convention Center.


If you opt to participate in Interview Day you will be responsible for coordinating the schedule of the students you want to meet with. Please refer to the Interview Day FAQ to learn more about this option.

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