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Packing + Shipping

Shipping to the RI Convention Center

If you have materials that you’d like to send in advance for use at the events, please note the following:


Shipments can only be accepted 2 business days prior to the events. If they arrive before Friday, March 4th, packages will likely be refused.


Packages should be addressed as follows:

Rhode Island Convention Center

One Sabin Street

Providence, RI 02903

Attention: Alan Tracy, RISD Design Portfolio Review


To check on the status of your package, you may call the Rhode Island Convention Center Security Office that handles Shipping and Handling: 401-458-6023



Packing List

You are highly encouraged to bring the following items with you to RISD:

  • Business Cards

  • Information about your organization

  • Information about opportunities you will be hiring for in 2016

  • Information about how students should follow-up with your organization


You may also want to ship or bring some of the following:

  • Fully-charged electronics (there will NOT be electricity available at your table)

  • Promotional items/swag

  • Posters, banners or free-standing displays

  • Pins or clips to attach items to the drape behind your table

  • Scissors, packing tape and mailing labels (especially if you send a box and will need to open it and later re-pack it for return)


Learn more about preparing for each of the events below:



Return Shipping

Return shipments must be re-packed and labeled by those attending. After the event, packages should be left in the Ballroom with return labels attached.


Attendees must call to schedule a pickup with the carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc). Please let the carrier know the packages will be available for pickup at the Rhode Island Convention Center loading dock.


The RISD Career Center and RI Convention Center will not take responsibility for return shipping costs or arrangements. Items left at the Convention Center without proper packing, labelling, and shipping arrangements will be discarded.


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