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Design Portfolio Review

Thursday, March 16, 12:00 noon - 5:00 pm
Rhode Island Convention Center, 5th floor, Ballrooms
Open to:
  • RISD Juniors, Seniors and Graduate Students with scheduled portfolio reviews
  • Registered Employers


The Design Portfolio Review is focused on individualized 15 minute student portfolio reviews with juniors, seniors and graduate students. The emphasis is on providing feedback on students’ work and presentation skills while also providing insights for reviewers on RISD talent that may be suited to their current or future hiring needs.



Student Sign-ups for Portfolio Reviews

Students will be able to sign-up on-line through ArtWorks for portfolio reviews on a first-come first-served basis.


Sign-ups will happen over the course of two days:


  • TBD: You may sign up for 4 portfolio reviews

  • TBD: You may sign-up for 5 additional portfolio reviews


Students, learn more about the sign-up process!



Employer Registration for Portfolio Reviews


$TBD (before Jan. 15th)

$TBD (after Jan. 15th)


Employers, Register Now!



RISD Majors + Student Sign-Ups for Portfolio Reviews

Upon registering to attend the Design Portfolio Review, employers will be asked to identify the RISD majors they feel are most applicable to their interests. This information will be regularly shared with students to guide them in their selection of those they would like to meet with for a portfolio review.


Throughout the months of January and February, the Career Center will regularly update students on employers that are registered to attend and the RISD majors that are the best match for them.


The Career Center will strongly advise students to sign-up with companies that are a good match based on their RISD major, portfolio work and interests.


Employers that would prefer to only meet with students from specific majors should opt to attend the Recruiting Day and set-up interviews with students that they can pre-select.


The Career Center encourages employers to participate in the Design Portfolio Review to gain the greatest level of exposure to RISD students. We also encourage you to take advantage of the Recruiting Day if you have a specific hiring need and are ready to conduct interviews.



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